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When Should You Request a Cleaning When Moving Out?

A family in the process of moving out

When I started my cleaning career, one of my first move out cleaning was an urgent booking. All I knew about it was the apartment size and that it needed to occur a couple of days after it was booked.

At this time, I didn’t use to request consultations, I was still not too sure about my likes and dislikes in the cleaning business.

I was pretty open to experimenting. 

So, when that urgent booking came I didn’t object and accepted it.

On cleaning day, I went to the place to clean and discovered that my client was still in the process of moving out. 

It was obviously impossible to get anything cleaned at that moment and I ended up helping packing instead. 

Many believe that the best answer to today’s question is scheduling a cleaning before moving out or while in the process of moving out just like my client did.

But truth be told, Before you start looking for a cleaner or even getting quotes for a moving out cleaning, you should have moved out. 

  • It gives the opportunity to your cleaner to better assess if they are equipped for the job.

For example, you might have a mildew issue that requires treatment and some cleaning companies do not deal with such issues. The ones that do would need to purchase specific products to clean it.

  • Another thing, it gives you the time to assess if that Cleaning company is offering services that overlap with what your landlord's moving out requirements. 

At Jayhelpclean, during the consultation, we request the move out checklist from your landlord to make sure that what we are providing overlaps with your  expectations. And in the case, they don't, we get to assess what could be done to make it possible. And That’s our little thing! 

  • Finally, it will help you save some money because the quote is made based on the state of the house not some assumptions which are usually the worst-case scenario.


I hope this answers your questions.

If you have more questions, feel free to

 #AskJay on Instagram or facebook: @jayhelpclean



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