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Our building cleaning service is performed on a recurrent schedule:

 Weekly   or  Biweekly 


Following the chosen schedule, in the entire building, we will clean

  • The Lobby 

  • The Elevator(s)

  • The Gym(s)

  • The stairs

  • The laundry room(s) 

  • The floor on every level

  • The parking lot(s)

In addition, we are pleased to offer a complimentary

30% discount on every move-in and move-out cleanings for the units in the buildings, we clean.

First Cleaning Vs. Routine Cleaning 

    For the first cleaning, we will deep-clean your building to bring it up to a standard that we will maintain on a schedule. This first process may take up to 8 hours, and the quote for it will be different from subsequent cleanings.

    For regular cleanings, the quote will depend on the size of your building, your preferred cleaning schedule, and other factors.

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