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About Us

 JayHelpClean is an environmental-friendly, small cleaning company that has provided Seattle households and businesses with top-notch and attention-to-detail cleaning services since 2017.

At JayHelpClean, we make cleaning for you a top priority !




No nook and cranny is overlooked!

Each cleaning has at least two crew members assigned to it. Our crew members followed a thorough training. and are equipped to provide you with top-notch cleaning with lasting results.


We will provide you with the best service at all times.

But when the issue is beyond our expertise, we will present it to you with a detailed explanation of our limitations, some possible solutions, or who to contact.

On the other hand, when we make mistakes, we welcome your feedback and will work alongside you to fix the issue.

( for more info about re-cleaning, see our terms of services)


We understand that by inviting us into your house to clean for you, we are not here to peer into your life. So, you can trust that our focus on cleaning day is solely on the business we are here to conduct.

At JayHelpclean, we respect our patrons and are trained to keep their privacy private.



   It all started when our founder, Jay, dropped out of college and decided to create a dishwasher service for her college mates. Slowly but surely, she expanded her services and started offering customizable cleaning services that meet all budgets and needs. 

Thanks to our amazing customers, JayHelpClean went from this little dishwasher gig to the growing company of today,  and we can't wait to keep growing alongside you.

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