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We offer the following services :

 Move out cleaning

Once your tenant moves out, we will clean your unit following our deep cleaning standard (see below ).

 After-remodeling cleaning

we will deep clean your remodeled unit getting it ready for your next tenant.

OUR Deep Cleaning StandardS

in an empty  house, we will

  • dust cobwebs

  • wipe the ceiling, the walls and the baseboards

  • vacuum and mop hard floors

  • vacuum carpets

  • clean windows (inside and out - if possible-), frames and sills

  • [extra*] wash carpets


In the Kitchen(s) , we will clean 

  • the sink area ( sink, faucets, …), 

  • the countertop, 

  • the stove 

  • inside and outside the cabinets,  dishwasher, the fridge, the microwave, the oven ...


In the Bathroom(s) , we will clean 

  • the sink area ( sink, faucets, mirror) 

  • Inside and outside cabinets doors, 

  • the toilet area (toilet bowl, seat, bidet, ….)

  • the tub / Shower


* Tasks that will be performed if deemed necessary. You will be charged an extra fee for them.

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