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Our office cleaning is performed on a recurrent schedule:

 Weekly   or  Biweekly 


Following the chosen schedule, in the entire office, we will

  • dust cobwebs

  • dust and wipe surfaces ( tables, bookshelves, decorations etc… )

  • spot clean windows and glass doors

  • wipe baseboards

  • vacuum and mop hard floors

  • vacuum upholstery and carpets

  • Collect and take garbage out


In the Kitchen(s) , we will clean 

  • the sink area ( sink, faucets, soap dispenser, brushes holder, etc…), 

  • the countertop, 

  • the small appliances ( microwave, toasters, coffee machines, blenders, etc…)

  • the cabinets doors, 

  • the dishwasher and load it 

  • the fridge 

  • [extra*] inside fridge


In the Bathroom(s) , we will clean 

  • the sink area ( sink, faucets, mirror,  products around the sink, etc…) 

  • the cabinets doors, 

  • the Toilet area (toilet bowl, seat, bidet, etc..)


*Tasks that are not included in our office cleaning package but can be performed if requested for an extra fee.

Office Space

First Cleaning Vs. Routine Cleaning 

    For the first cleaning, we will deep-clean your  office building to bring it up to a standard that we will maintain on a schedule. This first process may take up to 8 hours, and the quote for it will be different from subsequent cleanings.

    For regular cleanings, the quote will depend on the size of your office building, your preferred cleaning schedule, and other factors.

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