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Achieving Clean Aesthetic: Is It Possible?

This is the epitome of the clean aesthetic. Nice dog sitting like a good boy in a very clean house.

" Yep! That is it! No magic tricks! No special formulas! "

TikTok ( #CleanTok ) is saying the clean aesthetic is not realistic. It is even impossible to achieve.

Can a house with children, pets and busy working bees remain clean looking like nobody lives in it?

The short answer is YES. ( Yep! TikTok is lying 😂) 

All your house needs from you to remain clean is discipline.

Yep! That is it! No magic tricks! No special formulas! 

Discipline is all you need!

You have to be disciplined enough :

  • to pick up as much as possible after yourself, and

  • to thoroughly clean the whole house on a schedule. 

Picking up after yourself will make you tidy your house in small sections. Basically you clean what you used in your house. It won’t be that overwhelming in the long term. 

For example,  when you are done cooking, wipe your stove, areas of the countertop you used to cook, put the dishes in the washer and wipe your sink.

Another example, you are done  using your white presidential chair in the bathroom for some important meetings, now something is stuck at the bottom of the toilet, first flush, add some cleaner and pick up your brush and scrub a little then flush again. It will go away but if it doesn’t, leave it to the big cleaning day. 

Cleaning your whole house following a schedule is very important.  It requires more effort and time but that is what will lighten and make picking up after yourself much easier.

Turning scrubbing into wiping.

The dusting, vacuuming and else should be done during that cleaning. 

Weekly is the schedule for that nobody-lives-in type of clean house. 

If you read that far and still think “ I can’t do all that”.

Just call us and we will give you the clean home you deserve. 


I hope this answers your questions.

If you have more questions, feel free to

 #AskJay on Instagram or facebook: @jayhelpclean



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